Remembering Maddie

Two years ago today Maddie Lineham lost her life at just 10 years old as a result of an anaphylaxis shock. Maddie was a beautiful, caring mini animal rescuer loved by everyone who knew her and who lives on in the hearts of many of our members as it was her Mum, Verity, who’s actions led to LAARF being born.

Our thoughts are always with Maddie’s family, but especially today.

Maddie 2

Postcard from the Bridge 3 by Jackie Amor

Hello Mum its me again, I know it’s been a while
But something happened here today that really made me smile

The weather was ok today until the clouds came in so fast
All the animals gathered around to see what had come to pass

The lucky ones who had a lovely home just like mine
Helped the ‘Lonely ones’ to understand about this special time

The lonely ones that had no one to care when their time came to cross
Were worried by the change as it revived memories of their loss

Sorry I am rambling now so the story now I shall tell
What happened at Rainbow bridge today made those old eyes well…

A little human lady arrived, all smiles but with eyes so sad
She wouldn’t say what happened but for her family she felt bad

And then she saw the Lonely ones and the angels nodded their heads
She smiled at them a lovely smile and the mixed and purebreds

Ran to her at full speed their old age and pains now gone
And as she stroke each one with love the sun came out and shone

With each caress they gained strength from that lovely rescue girl
they knew she had come especially for them and around her they did swirl.

For they had found their saviour in that her precious soul
Then all at once as she crossed the bridge the lonely ones were made whole.

Everything happened so fast, it seemed to go like a blur
As she crossed the bridge to heaven they all left and followed her


Maddie’s story and her Dad’s amazing Marathon fundraiser