A tale of despair

As you can imagine, we see many cases of mistreatment, but in most of those cases, the animals are in safe hands and everything that can be done for them, is being done, hopefully with a new, loving home somewhere in their sights.

Today, however, we have seen the unbelievable case of Wolfen and Ficelle. This is a pair of dogs who were bought to use as Breeding dogs. In January Association Galia was called by the Gendarmes and Mayor of a village not far from Fontenay le Comte to come and retrieve 2 dogs and 4 puppies that had been left in a house while the owner was on 3 weeks holiday, supposedly being fed by a neighbour. When they arrived the association were appalled at the conditions and the state of the puppies. They were all taken to the refuge and quarantined from the other dogs. The puppies were severely dehydrated and underfed and the adults were in a similar state but being older were OK, even if their bowls of food only lasted seconds. The staff and volunteers at the refuge fed and loved them, gave them cosy beds to sleep on which must have been heaven after the conditions they had just left. Sadly one of the puppies died but the other 3 survived and were adopted to loving families. One morning after Ficelle had been at the refuge for a few weeks they were surprised to find she had delivered 3 more pups, one of which died almost immediately but the other two survived and were bundles of joy. She had obviously been allowed to mate immediately after weaning the previous litter.

Then the fun started! The owner demanded the return of the dogs. Bearing in mind the conditions the dogs had been saved from, the refuge refused and the owner threatened the President and several volunteers with violence. Just after that, in accordance with the refuge’s policy, both of the dogs were sterlised. When the owner found out that had been done he stated that, when the dogs were returned he would kill them.. Unbelievably, as the owner was away when the dogs were rescued, the courts have said the dogs have to be returned this week which is sending them to certain death.

We are asking you to share this in the hope that somehow we can prevent the dogs being returned before Thursday.

This is Wolfen and Ficelle, together with a photo of the conditions they were living in with their four puppies when they were found.

Wolfen & Ficelle Wolfen & Ficelle conditions


3 thoughts on “A tale of despair

  1. That is terrible! Can the dogs not simply “disappear” from the refuge so that when the owner comes to retrieve them they are simply “not there”. Perhaps they could just “run off and get lost” on one of the LAARF dog walks. When the law is such an ass it needs to be disobeyed.

    Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 21:15:13 +0000 To: annchable@hotmail.com

  2. It seems that an intervention has been made by ASSOCIATION Stéphane LAMART who supports this issue as of this day! The record is FROZEN, dogs will not be returned tomorrow !!!! Great we have a reprieve to get the court proceeding overturned

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