Dogs looking for a home 2

There are so many dogs we see each week in the refuges. Here are some of our favourites waiting for their forever home. If you are in France and are interested in adopting one of them or have a question, if you are looking for something different or if you would like to join us by volunteering at your local refuge, please get in touch by email
Les Potes a Pouf Refuge
Lannemezan 65300, Hautes-Pyrénées

Rustine 190714
Rustine is rapidly going downhill having been returned to the refuge in remarkably good condition for an old chien de chasse. Lovely girl calm and affectionate with everyone and everything and no trouble – except her breed means her skin and ears suffer in a refuge environment – where she has now also stopped eating She was adopted earlier this year but sadly had to come back as the landlord of the adopter forbade two dogs. Please share. A sofa would be fabulous, but a clean outdoor kennel with some individual attention would also be better than where she is if anyone has space (and we could send a kennel with her pre-cleaned)


Refuge d’Angoumois 16600 Mornac, Poitou-Charentes

Elga 190714

Elga is a two-year-old labrador cross and she would be a delightful addition to any family, having only arrived at the refuge a month ago. She is young but she is calm and walks well. She can sit on command and is very willing to try new things and to learn. Elga is good-natured and affectionate, very focused on you and your commands. Poor Elga has a very serious expression and really needs someone to restore her happiness and labrador bounce. She has been housed with a male dog and has not had any problems, though she is untested with other females and with cats and chickens. She is not nervous or shy, but needs a family to show her what love is all about. She is already sterilised.

SPA Limoges 87270 Couzeix, Limousin

Nawak 190714

NAWAK is an 8 year old, male, Beauceron X and has been at the SPA Limoges since March 2014. Why I have not seen this beautiful dog before is beyond me but I walked him for the first time today. Although he is a big boy he’s very gentle and a pleasure to walk on the lead. He calmly walked past the boxes as other dogs lunged and barked at us and paid no attention to the cats roaming around outside the refuge. He picked up several sticks on our walk and had he been off the lead would have clearly loved to play despite his age. He is a very affectionate and obedient dog, he sits on command and without being prompted he even lifted his front paw in order for me to remove his harness – what a clever boy! Apparently he prefers to spend time outside but would certainly appreciate a loving home and a warm, comfortable bed.

Spa Refuge Animalier Bortois
19110 BORT LES ORGUES, Correze

Roxy 190714
Lovely Roxy is a very easy going dog, just no trouble at all (other than a good bark when you arrive) and loves a bit of fuss. She gets on with everyone and other dogs, loves her walks and doesn’t pull on the lead. A sweetheart. Poor mite is still recovering from mange, so if you think she’s pretty now, she’s only going to get prettier!

Association Galia, 85200 Fontenay le Comte, Vendee


Akir : Born in 2005 and has been with us at Galia what seems like forever, Arrived from the fourrière after being abandoned.
OK with Male and female dogs. Akir will easily make you take him with you wherever you go!
he is house trained, good in the car, he does not pull on the lead. Good with children and very playful with the whole family! Unfortunately Akir is epileptic and must have treatment of 1 tablet a day to stop the attacks.
He needs to find a home where he can live out his years in comfort and with folks who care..


Operation Oldie

Courtesy of Emma, our lovely tireless wordy bird…

The summer months at the refuge can be very hard for an old dog, especially a dog who wants nothing more than a shady spot, some water and a bit of affection in their old age. If you are looking for a dog and you want to make a difference, why not adopt an oldie from the Refuge de l’Angoumois? If adoption seems like a big step, you can always foster an oldie instead!
Unlike young pups, old dogs usually need very little training. Many of the oldies adapt much more easily to the comings and goings of daily life and fit straight in with no disruption whatsoever. These dogs have seen it all.
Sadly for many of these veterans, they are left here in their twilight years following the death of their master, or their owner’s need to go into a nursing home. For some dogs, their years of loyalty have been rewarded with a stay at the refuge. For others, they may have been in the refuge for many years as they watch families choose younger dogs over them.
An old dog still has a lot to offer, though. Perhaps you have been inspired by the work at Twilight Old Dogs’ Home, who believe that old dogs deserve a home and that just because they are old does not mean they don’t deserve a second chance too.
Although many of the oldies at Mornac are in excellent health, others require a daily tablet or could do with a little help to get them back in tip-top form. That’s where 30 Millions D’Amis come in. This nation-wide charity have been supporting the adoption of oldies since 2005 by providing you with a certificate to cover 600€ of any eventual vets’ bills. Many dogs require very little in their old age. But just in case, 600€ can go a very long way. You might never need it, but it is there if you do. Not only that, but there is no adoption fee for dogs over 10 years of age (although you are welcome to make a donation!)
To adopt any of the dogs at the Refuge de l’Angoumois in Mornac (Dept 16) please contact the refuge after 2pm Mondays-Saturdays.
Refuge de l’Angoumois
Les Mesniers
16600 Mornac
tél: 05 45 65 76 99
fax:05 45 65 75 21

Lots of refuges offer the same 30 Millions d’Amis agreement, and it’s a sad fact that many old dogs end their lives in a refuge. If you can help one of them, but don’t know how to do so, please get in touch with us.