Mornac Photo Opportunity

I managed to squeeze an afternoon at Mornac this week. The refuge were organising a photo op for a page in the “Best of Charente” diary and I’m pleased to say the LAARF volunteers were there in force, including two new ladies who, hopefully, won’t be able to resist the pull of the refuge, smelling like a dog toilet and being deafened by the excitement any visitor ignites in each pen!

It felt like a good afternoon. A little black dog was adopted while we were there and a german shepherd was passed into the safe foster hands of Linda and Phil Archer.

We walked Arnold, a beautiful little 2 year old setter/spaniel cross who is struggling to cope with life behind bars and who has been mentioned on the blog before. It was purely by chance we walked him after we fell upon him when I was showing Jackie and her husband around. Both he and his friend Babou, another fabulous young border collie cross, were a joy to be with. What a wonderful pair, very interactive and waggy.


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Starring in the group photo op was another famous boy. Chance was saved from death by another refuge and Mornac took him in. He has such a sad face, but his tail has started to wag and he has put on weight in their care. It was so good to meet him.



Mornac is full to bursting once again. Invariably, this puts a lot of pressure on the staff and volunteers at the refuge, so any help is welcome. If you’re interested in adopting or fostering, we’d be delighted to help you find your perfect match. If you have time to volunteer with us, you’ll be warmly welcomed at Mornac and many of the many refuges around France.