Limoges Woofer Walk 15th April

Gosh, where did April go?!

On 15th April, the second Woofer Walk was held at Limoges.

It’s quite amazing how different each SPA refuge is, but each one has it’s own collection of dedicated animal lovers doing their best for the abandonned dogs and cats.

There are about 200 dogs at Limoges at any time and enough volunteers to walk each one two or three times a week. Apparently there is a group of retired ladies who go each day and walk the oldies together. I bet that would be an interesting walk to join!

It’s a tight ship though. Only registered volunteers are able to bring the dogs out to the walking area, and one of them must accompany a visitor on each walk. For this reason, I think April’s walk will be the last organised Walk at Limoges for a while. We have a good number of LAARF volunters there, but it seems more sensible for an interested person to accompany one of our number, rather than us turn up en masse and be walked by a regular.

I had a wonderful time, as I do every time I get to walk at a refuge. I met people I have only known through our Facebook group. Tracey, Linda and Debbie were great hostesses, who would be very happy to show anyone around, and show off “their” dogs.

Linda  and Janet from Hope were there, as was Leeanne of Twilght fame. All wonderful people with a deep and enduring commitment to make a difference to the animals they help.

So, what about the dogs? I walked hound after gorgeous hound. It’s so sad to see the number of hunting dogs who are used and then dumped at the end of the hunt season, dogs who have little chance of finding a home here in France. At least the refuge allows it’s dogs to be rehomed out of it’s area. A couple of the dogs we walked were off to a new life in Germany, so there is some hope for them.

Quite by chance, one of the first dogs we walked was Ulysse, a particular favourite of Tracey’s. He’s 10 years old, but looks much younger and still has a bounce in his step. He is bigger than I expected, but it was so nice to walk one of the dogs I’d heard about.

He’d love a home of his own, so if anyone falls in love with this boy, you know where he can be found!